The Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection

Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection

I have been absolutely craving the autumn season, especially after the extreme summer heat waves we've been having. We escaped the 100 degree Sacramento weather and headed to the cool coastal town of Half Moon Bay to enjoy a day in the fog. This hidden away seaside town is the perfect escape destination from inland heat and the hustle and bustle of the city. If you've been craving a road trip down Highway 1, check out my complete guide with the best spots!

Building Your Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection

Fall is a popular season and social media has been buzzing with anticipation waiting for crisp cool air, pumpkin spice and chunky sweaters. There are about one million reasons to love autumn, and on the top of my list is the fashion. Fall brings about a whole slew of style options, and with layering being so important, the outfit style options are endless!

Thrifting has always been the way I find my favorite wardrobe pieces. I don't have a massive budget to pay full retail prices, plus I enjoy the hunt for the gems! Shopping thrift I get way more items for the same amount of $$. Swap is by far my favorite online thrift shopping destination, they have everything! It’s nearly impossible for me to go on their website without adding clothes and shoes to my cart. Because they have so much product on their site, you really need to make use of the filters so that you don’t end up scrolling through product forever. Keep reading to see how I find amazing wardrobe pieces on Swap!

Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection

My Top 10 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials

To build my capsule wardrobe, I start with the bigger statement pieces such as coats and ponchos. And from there I add base bottom items such as denim jeans and skirts, cords, etc. And then finally I pile on the layering pieces such as tunics, warm thermals, sweaters and even dresses. I love to wear a chunky sweater over a dress and leggings. Add your favorite boots voilà, you're all set for the autumn season!

Madewell - I’m pretty much madly in love with this brand and I especially love their fall pieces. They make the best sweaters, plaids, cardigans, denim and layering essentials. Swap always has an awesome assortment of like-new Madewell pieces.

Levi’s - At first glance when you look at the Levi’s options on Swap it will look like a bunch of older and outdated styles. But it’s worth it to take the time and filter to your sizes just to see what new product has come in. Remember, it’s all about the hunt! Make sure to check out the Levi’s selection of denim jackets, denim vests and tops too.

Joie - This premium brand usually retails tops and sweaters between $150 - $300 but you can usually find a good selection of Joie pieces on Swap. They have great layering tops and you’ll only pay around $20 for them on Swap.

Under Armour - Something about the cooler crisp air makes you want to spend time outdoors. Shop like-new Under Armour athletic gear for hiking and exploring.

Paige Denim - Finding that perfect pair of everyday jeans is a must for fall. Premium denim brand Paige usually retails for $200 a pair but you just might find your favorite style and size on Swap. Click to browse the Paige denim collection.

Splendid - This brand has mastered the fine line between comfortable clothes that still look put together (and not sloppy!). Swap has over 200 pieces from Splendid, and many great fall tops. You’ll pay way less than the average $98 new from brand prices, more like $10.

Free People - Every year Free People makes a collection of long-sleeve thermal tops for autumn, and the best part is that the styles carry-over every year. Browsing through the Free People section in Swap always makes me really want to shop!

Hudson Denim - Shop the jeans of your dreams without the $200 price tag. Swap’s collection of Hudson jeans usually have a good mix of skinny, straight-leg, leggings and dark wash for fall.

J. Crew - Swap has literally thousands of pieces from J. Crew, you can easily shop for all four seasons. They have plenty of sizes available so you’re sure to find something you love. Shop fall essentials like J.Crew sweaters, jackets, denim, and tops.

Cozy Loungewear - One of the best parts of the weather getting colder is going into hygge mode and wearing comfy clothes in the house. This fall invest in some new leggings, pajamas, chic sweats and hoodies.

Accessories Complete the Look - Everyone is falling in love with leather belts, knitted hats and scarves, baseball caps, and cozy socks.

Chunky Knit Sweaters and Cardigans - The easiest way to get dressed quickly on a fall morning is to throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a sweater. Instantly cozy!

Denim Jean Jackets - The jean jacket is the perfect outer layer to wear over sweaters, dresses and tops.

Head-to-Toe Fall Style - I’ve listed the autumn shoe styles I’m loving this season and of course there’s plenty of new and like-new selections on Swap. Be sure to filter to your size!

Give Swap a Try! - If you use my referral link you’ll get a 20% off coupon sent to you for a future purchase. I know that 20% doesn’t sound like a huge discount, but the prices are so low that it really does make a big difference. You can easy buy several outfits for under $100, trust me!

Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection

Pro Thrifting Tips to Shopping on Swap

Shop By Brand - If you’re a brand-loyal gal, Swap makes it really easy to find your favorites by quick filters. Click into the Women’s section and in the top header you’ll see the brand options. If you don’t see your brand listed, use the homepage search tool. With over a million items listed, you’re sure to find some of your favorite brands.

Filter By Size - The best way to avoid scrolling forever through clothes is to immediately filter by your size. Use the brand filter too, it’s super quick!

Secret Tip - With thrifting, it’s all about hunting for that hidden gem. Every once in a while check the girl’s Junior section for clothes. Filter to sizes JR 9, JR 11, JR 13, JR 15, JR 17, and JR 19 (depending on your size). I’ve found some great Target brand clothes and many others this way, and they’re often much cheaper!

New with Tags - If you’re looking for never worn clothes, you can easily filter to “new with tags” products. But I have to say that the quality of almost everything I’ve ever bought from Swap, even items that have been previously worn.

Free Returns - In the old days, shopping thrifted always meant final sale and you were stuck with whatever you bought. But with Swap there’s no commitment and you have 30 days to change your mind. When your box of product arrives, try everything on and see what you can pair it with in your wardrobe. Don’t love everything you received? Send it back with a pre-paid label, easy!

Mark Your Favorites - Be sure to make use of the little hearts and add clothes you like to your wishlist. It makes it super easy to quickly scroll through the pages and pick out your favorites. And then you can review them later before you add to your cart.

Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
Thrifted Fall Capsule Collection
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