How to Style an Oversized Fall Poncho

Styling an oversized wardrobe item like a poncho or a cape can feel overwhelming because it is such a statement piece. The challenge is to still keep a flattering shape and not look overly frumpy. When this look is achieved just right, it really has all those autumn and wintery vibes we love. Plus it will keep you super warm and cozy!

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Fall Style Guide for Modern Plaid Shirts

Every year I anxiously await the autumn season so I can bust out my favorite plaid shirts. They’re everything a gal needs - flattering, soft, comfortable and versatile. Pretty much fashion magic! There’s all kinds of plaid prints and color combos, making it way to easy to end up with a closet full of plaid.

Finding the shirt with the best fit for your body is important, especially since you know you’re going to be living in it all of fall. The plaid shirts I’ve selected in the below shopping guide have that modern cut and fit we’re looking for.

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