Best Springtime Rainy Day Activities in Sacramento

Often times when people think of California they imagine sunshine weather with beaches and palm trees. But the state capital city of Sacramento gets on average 60 days of rain a year during the winter and springtime. Which means your closet needs to be fully stocked with essential rain gear to still be able to enjoy adventuring on rainy days. We’ve partnered with Joules to bring you some of the most colorful rain gear to brighten up your rainy days. Having a raincoat and boots that you’re excited to wear makes a few raindrops totally worth it! Use my exclusive promo code GENNRAR to take 20% off any full-priced item.

Sacramento is quickly becoming one of California’s favorite travel destinations, thanks to the thriving farm-to-fork foodie scene and modern stylish surroundings without the big city price tag. Sacramento is also one of the few places in California where you can really experience all the seasons. In fall the foliage turns beautiful autumn colors, summer is very hot and ready for pool swimming, winter is cold and spring is full of April showers and sweet blossoms. During the cold days of winter you bundle up in your home, but once spring rolls around you’re ready to breath fresh air and enjoy some time outdoors… hence the raincoat and boots!

Our Favorite Spots in Sacramento to Explore on Rainy Days

Sacramento River Train - Riding a nostalgic and historic train through the countryside is fun anytime of year, but there’s something whimsical about watching rain falling inside a vintage train car.

Exploring the Almond Blossoms - All of those rainy days bring so many blossoms, but to catch the almond blossoms at their peak bloom is a combination of luck and being willing to brave a little rain (and possibly a touch of mud too!). Immediately after a rainstorm there’s a super bloom that happens in the almond orchards between late February to mid March. On the days when you visit, you may still have some light rain showers. Joules rain gear is so photogenic that it actually makes for perfect photos! My Victoria Showerproof Pink Raincoat paired with the Molly Mid Height Rainboots would make for some adorable photos in the orchards.

Crocker Art Museum - This beautiful art museum is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon. The art genres range from the classic disciplines to the contemporary modern pieces, there’s something for everyone. One of the main buildings was originally a mansion built in the mid 1800’s and is filled with old-world charm.

Drive-In Movie Theater - You know that feeling when the rain is coming and you don’t want to get out of your car? Well at the West Wind Drive-In Movie Theater you don’t have to! Enjoy a newly-released modern movie at this classic drive-in movie theater from the comfort of your own car. Pack a brown bag lunch or purchase popcorns and food at the snack bar, either way you’ll have fun.

Tower Theater - If indie, throwback and classic films are more your jam, may I suggest the famous Tower Theater for a rainy day activity. Located in the heart of the Sacramento Broadway District, this retro theater has been running continuously since the 1930’s. My personal favorite is the 90’s Rewind films like Clueless and Dazed and Confused.

But First Brunch - As I mentioned earlier, Sacramento has become know for a great foodie destination. Rain or shine, we all gotta eat! If you’re on the hunt for that perfect spot where the food is fresh and inventive and the atmosphere hits all the high marks, Sacramento may just be perfect for you. See my complete guide to all the best Sacramento brunching locations. After all, brunch is the most important meal of the weekend!

Library Days - A classic rainy day activity is curling up with a good book, but first you’ve got to find that perfect page turner. I love going to the library and browsing the shelves for a new book I’ll obsess over. I always find some new inspiration.

Coffee and Chai - Now that you have your rainy day book, it’s time to pick up a hot cup of caffeine. Sacramento has many trendy coffee houses for the aficionado to get their fix. Many popular spots like Temple serve exotic roasts made by master baristas. One of my favorite hot beverages in Sacramento is a Chico Chai, a fresh spiced chai made from scratch in small batches. Both Insight Coffee Roasters and Camellia Coffee Roasters serve Chico Chai.

WAL Public Market - Speaking of Camellia Coffee Roasters, you must take a stroll inside the WAL Public Market with your Chico Chai in hand. This is not your typical indoor mall or shopping center, it's way more trendy and "hipster." It's a perfect place for a rainy day because it's located on the ground floor of the historic Lawrence Warehouse on R Street. The shops inside have pretty much everything you didn't know you wanted, but all of a sudden can't live without. The boutiques are all curated and one of a kind, no chain brands allowed.

Ice Cream Shops - Am I the only one who craves ice cream when it’s cold outside? Sacramento is famous for having some of the best family-owned original ice cream parlors serving up their own family recipes. Top contenders for best ice cream in the city are Gunthers Ice Cream, Leatherby's Family Creamery and Vic’s Ice Cream.

California State Railroad Museum - This is one of the proudest gems of Sacramento and you don’t have to be a train hobbyist to enjoy it. Located inside Old Sacramento, this museum has some very impressive locomotive engines. Surprisingly most of the massive steam engines are actually indoors, making it perfect for a rainy day. My favorite part of this museum is the fancy car trains that have been restored to their original grandeur, you get a glimpse into what travel was like for the wealthy in the early 1900’s. If you have children, they have some great indoor play and interactive areas to keep them learning and entertained.

Asha Urban Baths - This luxurious and spa-inspired bath house toots their horn to be the best refuge from the hustle and bustle. This indoor center for healing and rejuvenation offers a bath soak, massage, sauna, lounging in luxury and the best opportunity to unplug. Take refuge from the cold rain outside and opt for some warm water inside.

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