How to Reduce Your Daily Plastic Usage + PATCH Bamboo Adhesive Bandages

Back in the day whenever you purchased goods from a store, the product came in either glass or paper packaging. When plastics were invented everyone thought it was be best thing since sliced bread. Little did they know that this new technology would be one of the worst things to happen to our planet. Our oceans and landfills are packed full with plastics that will take hundreds (in some cases thousands) of years to decompose.

Nowadays our daily lives are filled with plastics, and it can feel nearly impossible to avoid it. But the good news is there are quick and simple habits you can develop that will reduce your impact on the environment.

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10 Simple Ways to Be a More Eco-Conscious Parent

As modern parents, we think a lot about the future generations and how our actions today will impact our child’s tomorrow. At times it feels like a daunting task, saving the world from pollution and global warming. But the good news is that small and simple steps can make a difference. We don’t have to go to extremes to reduce our carbon footprint, collectively we all just need to make better choices. The future belongs to our children, and it’s up to us to protect it.

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