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We are a California based couple, he is from San Diego and I am from San Francisco. We are parents to our baby daughter Scout. We live the quintessential California lifestyle. On the blog we cover travel, fashion, beauty, decor and healthy eats. We write all original content and take high-quality photography to capture the best moments in our California landscape.

We are a modern California family with a passion for elevated living and adventure. We've built our life with the goal of highly curating our experiences, our home and surroundings, and even the foods and brands we consume. Our own brand covers both Northern California and Southern California, we have roots in San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego.

The Gennifer Rose blog is built around quality content creation, with our blog website being the foundation and anchor to our brand. We strive to create content that is a balance between highly editorial yet still approachable and attainable. We cover a range of topics from everyday moments, planned experiences to significant life milestones.

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